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Realtime Nanoparticle size characterization,
an innovation in Process Analytical Technology

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) provides a wide range of benefits in product and process development and manufacturing. Instead of offline characterization by sampling, PAT provides continuous information in realtime.  For nanoparticle size analysis no PAT tools were avialable until InProcess-LSP launched the NanoFlowSizer technology in 2019. In this webinar we will present typical examples for which the NanoFlowSizer proved to be of great value for nanoparticle products and processes.                                                                         
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Presentation by:
Ad Gerich, General Manager, is one of the founders of Inprocess-LSP. He has a strong background in process analytics as well as many years of industrial experience.

Raquel Arribas Bueno, Product Specialist, joined InProcess-LSP 1 year ago. She is a process chemist with a wide experience in process development, synthesis and formulation APIs.

60 minutes

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