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PIVOTTalk - Cancer genomics and targeted therapeutics

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Cancer genomics and targeted therapeutics 

Are you interested in targeted anticancer therapy and curious about the types of genetic alterations that can be targeted? And do you wonder how we can determine which patients benefit from a certain drug?

In this PIVOTTalk Tessa de Bitter PhD (Cancer Genomics) takes you back in time on cancer treatment and genome sequencing. She also explains how existing therapies are currently selected to treat specific cancer patients, and gives examples of targeted therapy approaches.

Jeffrey Kooijman MSc (Bioinformatics) goes into depth in regards to cancer cell lines as a model for anticancer drug profiling and the linkage of genomic data to therapy response. He will also answer the question if cell lines can be used to identify drugs that preferentially target cancer cells with a specific biomarker.

Join this interesting talk now and within 30 minutes you will be immersed in the theme of cancer genomics and targeted therapeutics.

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Jeffrey KooijmanJeffrey completed both his Bachelor and Master thesis at the Oncolines predecessor company NTRC. He has been working as a bioinformatician at Oncolines since 2018, where he contributes to biomarker identification for anticancer drugs.

Tessa de BitterTessa recently obtained her PhD degree from the Radboud University, Nijmegen. She has a background in cancer genomics and has extensive experience in analysis and interpretation of large scale genomic datasets.

Oncolines offers precision oncology services such as cancer cell line proliferation assays, drug combinations and bioinformatics.