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Raak Ontdekking in het Pivot Park Screening Center in de European Lead Factory

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  • Bijdragen van het Pivot Park Screening Center (PPSC) aan de European Lead Factory (ELF);
  • Hit zoekinspanningen voor> 70 doelwitten voor drugs;
  • Lessen die zijn getrokken uit de ontwikkeling van assays en uHTS-output binnen ELF.
PPSC is a partner in the European Lead Factory (ELF), a collaborative public-private partnership funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative. ELF provides researchers in Europe with a unique early drug discovery platform to translate innovative biology and chemistry concepts into high-quality starting points for drug discovery. In collaboration with its partners at European Screening Centre (ESC), PPSC continues to carry out assay development and all of uHTS activities in public target programs. This webinar will provide you with insights on the overall hit finding efforts at PPSC for > 70 crowd sourced drug targets between 2013 and 2018.
Presentation by:
Dr. Saman Honarnejad - Director Drug Discovery at Pivot Park Screening Centre​

Presentation: 45 minutes

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About the presenter:

Dr. Saman Honarnejad is a biotechnologist with over a decade of experience in high-throughput biology. At Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC) in Oss, the Netherlands, he is involved in cellular and biochemical assay development, ultra high-throughput screening (uHTS) and hit-to-lead biological compound profiling within a wide range of commercial, academic and public-private partnership projects including the European Lead Factory (ELF).

Voordat hij in 2017 bij PPSC kwam, was hij actief in de ontwikkeling van high-content compound-profileringsmethoden bij Max-Planck Institute (Duitsland), Harvard Medical School (Verenigde Staten) en Heidelberg University (Duitsland) en verder geoptimaliseerde op microarray gebaseerde cDNA / RNAi functionele screeningstests bij het European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

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